13 Reasons Why…

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… you should choose Daybreak!

Reason #1: Success Rate

Patient’s leaving residential treatment have a higher chance of maintaining their recovery when they enter an extended care program like Daybreak.

Reason #2: Individual Care

Daybreak has a low clinician to client ratio which enables us to provide more individual sessions with a client’s primary therapist.

Reason #3: Continuity of Staff

From the beginning, we have had a very low turnover of our employees. This speaks volumes to not only the dedication of our team, but the passion in which they have for our treatment.

Reason #4: 12 Step Immersion

As part of our treatment process, our clients are immersed in a 12 step fellowship of their choosing. Often, they meet a sponsor and supports who follow them throughout our continuum.

Reason #5: Life Skill Integration

We teach our clients how to write resumes, dress for job interviews, cook meals, food shopping, money budgeting, and more.

Reason #6: Long Term Treatment

If a client enters our continuum at the PHP level of care they can expect to be in our network for up to six months.

Reason #7: 24/7 Support

Our residences are 24/7 supervised by our Peer Recovery Specialists who model appropriate behaviors for our clients.

Reason #8: Exercise & Nutrition

Clients have full access to an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym access on and off the property with access to a personal trainer. Nutritional counseling.

Reason #9: Holistic Care

We offer yoga, meditation, mindfulness, aromatherapy, gardening, and massage.

Reason #10: TREM Informed Care

We do a full trauma assessment for each client which determines how we move forward in their therapy. This could include Seeking Safety for coping skills or processing the trauma where we will utilize skills such as EMDR. Our entire staff to be mindful of our clients with trauma.

Reason #11: Alumni Community

Clients will be seamlessly integrated with our Alumni program. It is not uncommon to see over 100 graduates attend our weekly Friday alumni meetings.

Reason #12: Family Day

Every Saturday we invite our client’s families to work with our team of clinicians. After completing therapy on Saturday, they are then approved for a Sunday Family Fun Day where they can hang out by our pool and we provide food & refreshments for them to enjoy with their loved one.

Reason #13: Client Care

Our number one priority is to ensure that our clients have an exceptional treatment experience at Daybreak. We do this by really listening to them and paying attention to what their needs are. In doing so, we have developed a family-like culture that is indescribably wonderful.

If you or a loved one is seeking help please call us at (215) 449-8108

DayBreak is NOT just another drug rehab center – it is a treatment solution founded on the core principles of change. Relapse no longer needs to be a part of your story, call us when you are ready for a life rediscovered…(215) 449-8108