“This Was the Best Phone Call I Ever Made,” Former Patient Thanks DayBreak

September 5, 2022 | addiction treatment

addiction treatment

The addict’s journey to sobriety begins with the simple step of acknowledging their problem and reaching out for help. For one woman, it started with a phone call to DayBreak. She was so pleased with her treatment that she wrote an enthusiastic 5-star review on Google, complimenting the staff and urging others to seek their help.

Comprehensive Care

“This was the best phone call I ever made,”  Maureen praised. 

She completed treatment at DayBreak for alcoholism and addiction to benzodiazepines – a potentially deadly combination. Benzodiazepines, also known as “benzos,” are usually prescribed for anxiety, seizure disorder, insomnia, and depression. Users often develop a tolerance for benzos and try to increase their high by adding alcohol or opioids; this dramatically magnifies the tranquilizing effects of each substance, which can slow the neurological system to a dangerous level. 

Maureen entered the residential rehab program at DayBreak, which offers comprehensive treatment for dependence on many substances, from alcohol to prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, as well as club drugs, methamphetamine, and marijuana. But the route to recovery takes in much more than the immediate addiction; therapy includes healing strategies that support the whole person. Programs are customized for each person’s situation but usually begin with detox.

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Detox Designed for Comfort

The cleansing process known as detox is the first step toward recovery; it prepares the body for treatment by ridding it of drugs and alcohol. This can be a physically uncomfortable and even painful period, depending on the type of substance and the severity of the addiction. For that reason, medical supervision in a properly equipped and staffed facility is recommended for everyone.

To counter the stress of physical withdrawal, DayBreak’s detox facility is designed for maximum physical comfort. No more than two patients are assigned to each room, and each resident has their own TV. Amenities include a holistic spa, massage and salon services, and movie theater access.

Learning New Ways to Cope

After detox, clients move to the rehab phase of treatment, where the real work begins.

Therapy is designed to provide emotional and mental support needed to move past addiction and maintain a healthier lifestyle after formal treatment ends. Clients attend one-on-one therapy sessions which will examine underlying emotional or psychological conditions that may be feeding the addiction. Accommodations include some private rooms and some rooms that are shared, but as in detox, the physical surroundings are an essential part of the treatment. The more comfortable the client, the more open they will be to accepting treatment. Nourishing meals and recreational activities add to the overall feeling of well-being that DayBreak seeks to create for clients.

DayBreak also offers family programs, knowing the importance of having a support system throughout treatment and recovery. When family and friends are involved from the start, they understand the addiction and recovery process and are better able to offer their loved one the support they need.

In her review, Maureen credited the DayBreak staff with much of her success there.

 “The staff was amazing,” she wrote, “and helped me cope with my trauma and anxiety. I was taught amazing coping skills.”

Maureen had reached 41 days sober when she left her DayBreak review. “I would not been able to do this without the facility and the staff,” she wrote. “I highly recommend this facility.” For more information about our treatment programs, call (844) 695-0083.