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DayBreak features the best drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania. In fact, we attract clients from well outside of our region because of our individualized addiction treatment plans and comprehensive addiction recovery support. DayBreak features medical detox facilities, medically sanctioned therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic treatments. Our drug addiction rehab is staffed by experienced doctors, therapies, and nurse practitioners who have devoted their careers to addiction medicine and helping clients overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

As a leading addiction treatment center, we’ve designed our rehab with comfort in mind. We feature semi-private rooms, a spa, comfortable furnishings, and even salon treatments to ensure that clients can recover in comfort. DayBreak offers numerous levels of care, including inpatient treatment, long-term residential care, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient treatment programs, and sober living.

Addiction recovery won’t happen on its own. It takes high-quality treatment that targets each aspect of a drug addiction to lead to a successful outcome. DayBreak’s rehab experience provides clients addicted to prescription drugs like opioid painkillers and illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine to have a springboard to recovery. Clients will learn how to manage their addiction for the long-term and change their lives and health for improved well-being.

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Best Drug Rehab Center Substance Abuse Disorder

When someone has a substance use disorder, they aren’t just physically dependent on alcohol or drugs; they’re also psychologically and behaviorally dependent on whatever substance they’re addicted to. That’s why detox is never enough to promote lasting recovery; it only targets the physical aspect of the condition and not its powerful mental and behavioral aspects. At DayBreak, we target each aspect that governs drug addiction and alcohol addiction. This comprehensive approach has allowed us to help thousands of people achieve recovery success.

Day-Break is a top-rated addiction treatment center because we address addiction with numerous treatment modalities, including trauma-focused treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy, massage therapy, and more. We’ve incorporated the most reliable medically sanctioned treatments into our treatment programs as well as leading holistic and alternative treatments that are known to enhance long-term recovery from addiction.

In addition to substance use disorders, DayBreak’s clinicians are also able to treat clients who have a dual diagnosis. About a third of people who have a substance use disorder also have an underlying mental health disorder. We can provide the behavioral health therapy they need to manage both of their conditions at the same time.

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Types of Addiction Treatment for Drug Addiction We Offer

As the best drug rehab programs in PA, DayBreak offers many different types of treatments and therapies that support lasting drug addiction recovery. Many addiction treatments today are sanctioned by the medical community. This means that there have been peer reviewed studies that demonstrate the effectiveness in these treatments in order to satisfy rigorous medical standards. DayBreak has adopted many of these treatments that are known to be effective for treating alcohol and drug addiction. Clients enrolled in our treatment programs can expect to take part in individual therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy, for example.

DayBreak also offers holistic and alternative treatments as part of our comprehensive treatment offerings. We have a holistic spa where clients can enjoy massage therapy. We also offer music therapy and family therapy. DayBreak offers different treatments because they can each enhance the recovery process in their own unique and substantial ways. Other therapies that our rehab offers include:

  • Gender-specific group therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • SMART Recovery
  • EMR
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma-focused therapy
  • Medication management and more

By participating in our many different treatment options, clients can get a full level of recovery support. Many of them go on to enjoy these forms of support on an outpatient basis or even during their long-term recovery management.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient treatment for a substance abuse disorder is a great place to begin one’s recovery journey. At DayBreak, our residential treatment programs involve the most robust levels of client support. This means that we can provide 24-hour support for clients who are completing medical detox or involved in other rehab treatment programs. Not all rehab centers offer inpatient addiction treatment programs; DayBreak does, and we can also provide long-term residential care.

Residential treatment plans are ideal for people who don’t feel stable enough to reside at home. Their household may be unsupportive or they may simply feel unable to prevent themselves from using drugs or alcohol so early in their recovery process. This is quite normal, which is why DayBreak offers this comprehensive level of support. As clients gradually grow in stability and are able to manage their triggers like cravings to use, they can transition to outpatient programs that afford more flexibility.

During residential addiction treatment at DayBreak, clients can expect to take part in numerous types of therapies once detox has been completed. During individual sessions with a therapist, clients will begin to identify the factors that led them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Often, there are many factors leading up to a drug abuse problem, including past trauma, being raised by a parent who abused drugs or alcohol, or even the presence of a mental health disorder.

While individual therapy focuses on clients’ specific circumstances, group therapy takes a more general approach to addiction education and addiction management strategies that everyone can benefit from. These sessions also allow clients to support one another and find camaraderie as they walk toward lasting recovery together. DayBreak also offers alternative treatments like music therapy and holistic treatments like massage therapy that complement the recovery process in many ways.

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Outpatient Drug Rehab

During outpatient treatment plans at DayBreak, clients can attend our rehab for treatment and then return home or even to work if they choose. Not all outpatient treatment plans are alike, however. Some are more intensive than others and require spending more time at rehab each week. At DayBreak, a partial hospitalization PHP program is the most supportive of our outpatient programs. Clients can expect to attend our day-long treatment sessions six days per week for three to five weeks. These programs typically involve evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic therapies, drug testing, individual therapy, group therapy, and more.

Partial hospitalization is a good alternative to residential treatment for clients just starting their recovery journey and who want to remain home in the evenings. Some people require less support, though, and enroll in intensive outpatient treatment plans that involve fewer days per week. Outpatient plans are ideal for clients who want to continue to work or school. They are able to attend their rehab sessions in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Unfortunately, outpatient programs aren’t always ideal for someone who is just beginning their recovery process. It may not provide the level of support a person needs in the early stages of recovery. During our onboarding process at DayBreak, staff can help you decide which program is ideal for you. We provide a thorough psychological evaluation that allows us to recommend the ideal course of treatment for each client. We have found that successful recovery journeys are often dependent on getting the right level of treatment for each stage of the recovery process.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction rehab usually involves medical detox, inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, medication management, individual and group counseling, and various other addiction treatments designed to support recovery. A heroin or opioid addiction is extremely powerful and associated with high relapse rates. Without some form of behavioral therapy, people addicted to heroin are unlikely to put this addiction behind them.

DayBreak supports heroin addiction sufferers no matter where they are in their recovery process with our full range of drug addiction treatment programs and combination of medically sanctioned and holistic therapies. As someone with an opiate addiction knows, the high associated with heroin is euphoric, but the cravings the drug produces are intense. That’s why many addiction treatment centers like DayBreak offer clients medication assisted treatment designed to reduce those powerful cravings and quell withdrawal symptoms.

During heroin abuse treatment, clients can focus on their treatment program in comfort. The medical detox process can be difficult, so we’ve designed a luxury setting complete with massage services and a holistic spa. After completing detox, clients will progress to the next stage of their treatment plan, which may include residential treatment, partial hospitalization PHP, or intensive outpatient treatment IOP. Regardless of which plan they choose, clients can expect care and addiction therapies that are tailored to their needs.

Heroin is a powerful and deadly street drug. During therapy, clients will work to identify what elements of their thinking / behaviors led them to abuse this and other drugs. Understanding their personal triggers of drug abuse allows them to develop strategies to manage them with the help of their trained clinicians and addiction therapists. Relapse prevention underscores many of the treatments. We work with clients to help them change their unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving in order to achieve lasting addiction recovery.

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Meth Rehab

Like heroin and opioid prescription drugs, methamphetamine, aka meth, is highly addictive and associated with high relapse rates. A successful recovery from meth depends on the individual being able to manage their intense cravings to use and keep their recovery journey on track. For that, people addicted to meth need the best drug rehab facilities where they can get individualized treatment and therapies that will help them prevent relapse.

When clients begin their treatment journey at our drug treatment center, we begin by helping them to detox with dignity. Quitting a meth addiction typically involves powerful withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nurse practitioners can provide treatment to reduce those symptoms, helping our clients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible as their bodies become ‘clean’ of meth. Once medical detox is complete, we can move on to the next phase of our substance abuse treatment program.

The next stage of meth addiction treatment targets the psychological and behavioral aspects of the condition. We rely on medically sanctioned behavioral health treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy to help clients change their unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. Identifying unhealthy thoughts and behaviors takes time–and changing them takes practice. At DayBreak, we provide clients with the support they need to manage their meth abuse disorder successfully.

Many people addicted to meth begin their addiction recovery process with inpatient drug treatment. This allows them to fully immerse themselves in their addiction treatments without unwelcome and often problematic distractions that are likely to occur outside of rehab. After 30 days or longer, depending on their recovery needs, they often transition to our partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs. Many of our clients also include alternative and holistic therapies in their treatment plan. Family therapy, music therapy, and 12-step facilitation are just a few of the additional addiction recovery treatments we offer at DayBreak.

Benzo Rehab

Benzodiazepines, aka benzos, are stimulants that are most commonly prescribed by doctors to treat patients suffering from anxiety or sleep disorders. However, because they have a relaxing and calming effect, many people use these prescription drugs recreationally. These drugs are highly addictive, so even people prescribed them for legitimate medical conditions can become addicted to them–and begin to abuse them, taking more than their doctor’s recommended dose, for example.

Like other forms of drug addiction, benzo addiction can be treated with residential treatment or outpatient treatments. During our intake process at the enrollment stage, we help clients decide what type of program is ideal for them based on their needs. It’s not uncommon for people with a benzo addiction to have cooccuring mental disorders like anxiety, which is why they may have been prescribed prescription drugs like Xanax in the first place. Clients who feel stable enough to reside at home may choose between partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient therapy. Clients who feel unstable and not well enough to manage their addiction at home even for a short time should opt for residential treatment.

Clients typically begin their addiction recovery from benzos in our medical detox center. Detox often lasts about a week but sometimes longer depending on how long the person has been addicted to drugs and their own unique chemistry. After detox, we can begin behavioral therapy to address the mental and behavioral aspects of their substance abuse condition. During treatment, clients can expect to take part in both individual and group therapies. Each therapy targets some specific aspect of the addiction, providing clients with the well-rounded support they need to achieve lasting addiction recovery.

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Prescription Drug Rehab

As one of the best drug rehab centers east of the Mississippi, DayBreak features treatment programs designed to address prescription drug addictions. Like other forms of drug and alcohol addictions, prescription drug addiction is a chronic condition. It won’t go away without the support that formal treatment provides. In fact, prescription drug addiction can lead to multiple forms of addiction. More than half of people addicted to heroin first developed a dependence on prescription drugs like opioid painkillers.

Our treatment facility features high-quality prescription drug treatments that foster recovery. Fentanyl or oxycontin addiction can be just as powerful as a heroin addiction. Consequently, we often begin treatment for prescription drug substance abuse disorders with detox programs. Prescription drugs detox involves the slow and careful weaning of the drug in question. Our clinician and nursing staff are able to treat any withdrawal symptoms that arise. Many clients suffering from an opioid addiction also benefit by starting treatment MAT (medication assisted treatment) during the detox phase of their treatment plan.

For clients experiencing a dual diagnosis, DayBreak is able to provide simultaneous treatments that target both conditions–their mental health disorder as well as their substance abuse disorder. Not all detox centers and alcohol and drug rehabs are equipped to treat a co occurring disorder, but DayBreak can.

During prescription drug addiction treatment programs, clients will focus on relapse prevention as well as developing strategies for managing their triggers to use. Some of our treatment modalities include trauma-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, SMART recovery, and holistic treatments. Clients can include these and other therapies in their DayBreak inpatient rehab program or outpatient treatment plan.

Cocaine Rehab

A cocaine addiction or crack cocaine addiction is serious and can be deadly like other forms of substance addiction. DayBreak’s addiction therapies can help clients who are addicted to any form of cocaine. Our drug rehab center features experienced addiction specialists who will work with clients who are addicted to cocaine to manage their triggers and transform their behaviors to support long-term recovery.

Our treatment programs for illicit drugs like cocaine include cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, relapse prevention planning, and more. Again, this form of addiction typically requires treatment at a freestanding medical detox center. DayBreak’s drug abuse rehab features medical detox facilities staffed by doctors and nurse practitioners. Addiction to drugs like cocaine usually requires detox before other therapies can begin.

Recovering from a cocaine addiction at our drug and alcohol rehab involves enrollment in residential treatment or outpatient programs. Outpatient programs allow for greater flexibility, but they don’t involve the 24-hour support that inpatient treatment affords. Our enrollment staff can help you select the ideal cocaine abuse treatment for your needs. We offer multiple levels of care in order to meet each client exactly where they need us in terms of support. While many drug rehabs offer cookie-cutter treatment programs, at DayBreak, with our longterm residential programs, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient programs, we’re able to provide more flexible and individualized support.

As clients come close to completing their drug or alcohol treatment programs, we remind them that recovery is an ongoing process. That’s why we offer 12-step facilitation and other aftercare planning services so that they have the support they need even after they leave our drug addiction treatment center and begin the long process of rebuilding their lives and health.

Clients typically begin their addiction recovery from benzos in our medical detox center. Detox often lasts about a week but sometimes longer depending on how long the person has been addicted to drugs and their own unique chemistry. After detox, we can begin behavioral therapy to address the mental and behavioral aspects of their substance abuse condition. During treatment, clients can expect to take part in both individual and group therapies. Each therapy targets some specific aspect of the addiction, providing clients with the well-rounded support they need to achieve lasting addiction recovery.

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How Long Is Rehab?

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment for drug addictions can vary in terms of time. Like any other health condition, some people recover more quickly than others. An inpatient program or intensive outpatient program at DayBreak may last 30 days for some, while other clients prefer to remain in their treatment programs for longer–60 or 90 days, for example.

Simply put, the length of time a person needs formal addiction treatment support depends on several factors: the substance they are addicted to, how long they’ve been addicted, whether or not they are addicted to multiple substances, the presence of cooccuring mental disorders, and their own unique chemistry. The best drug treatment programs take this into account and have the flexibility that clients need if they choose to stay in treatment longer or transition from one type of program to a less intensive treatment program.

Inpatient treatment programs necessarily cost more, but many clients require their 24-hour support at the beginning of their drug or alcohol treatment journey. Many clients opt to leave residential treatment after 30 days and then transition to a less-intensive outpatient treatment plan. This gradual stepping down in care levels supports a successful recovery journey. Clients are still able to rely on rehab support as they return to their lives and begin to rebuild them in the context of complete sobriety. Remember, too, that drug and alcohol detox time frames also vary depending on each client’s needs.

Our therapists often remind clients that the longer they stay in treatment, according to medical research, the less likely they are to experience a relapse. It’s also helpful to remember that drugs and alcohol relapse does not indicate that treatment has failed–only that further treatment is needed. It takes time and practice to master the skills needed to manage drug and alcohol addiction. But this is why the best drug rehab centers like DayBreak feature robust relapse prevention strategies.

What Is Rehab Like?

Not all treatment centers are alike. One rehab experience is necessarily going to differ from another treatment facility. The DayBreak rehab experience is focused on client comfort and individualized support. We’ve designed our rehab to be safe and comfortable with luxurious furnishings and a welcoming atmosphere. Spa treatments like massage therapy offers clients the opportunity to relax between other treatment sessions. Our holistic treatments can also take some of the edge off the drug and alcohol detox process.

However, it’s not all comfort. At DayBreak, clients work closely with therapists to develop the strategies they’ll need to manage their addiction once they return back to their everyday lives. Some days, clients can expect to focus on the triggers that led them to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Understanding unhealthy coping patterns and thoughts is necessary for eventually learning how to manage them successfully.

Rehab at DayBreak is a supportive recovery experience. Our doctors and therapies are immensely supportive and empathetic. We also feature group therapies where our clients provide support for one another. DayBreak’s rehab programs are positive as well as effective. We help clients make the life changes they need in order to support lasting recovery from their substance abuse disorder. Whether they are addicted to street drugs like meth, prescription drugs like hydrocodone, or alcohol, they can get the help they need to end their dependence and safeguard their future.

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Why Choose DayBreak for Drug Rehab?

There are many reasons to start your recovery journey at DayBreak. As the region’s leading drug rehab with the best drug rehab programs, we help clients detox with dignity, successfully manage their addiction, prevent relapse, and achieve the lasting recovery they crave. Our focus on individualized treatment sets us apart from other drug rehabs and detox facilities. Each client is different, so their addiction treatment needs to be tailored to their needs.

Additionally, DayBreak offers numerous addiction treatment programs with different levels of support. Residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatments allow us to provide a level of support that clients need depending on where they happen to be in their recovery process. Our clients typically transition from more intensive programs to less as they gradually become well–and more adept at managing their condition.

DayBreak also offers many different treatments. Some clients respond better to some therapies than others. However, each treatment targets a different aspect of drug addiction and helps our team provide the comprehensive treatment that patients expect from the best drug rehab centers. Between our evidence-based therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic treatments, we are able to fully address substance use disorders and promote real, lasting recovery.

If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, whether illicit drugs or prescription drugs, you can get help from DayBreak to end your dependence on these unhealthy substances. Drug addiction can rob you of everything you value–including your mental and physical health. By enrolling in a DayBreak addiction rehab program, you can manage your addiction for good. Contact us to learn more about our enrollment process. Let our addiction specialists help you put an end to your substance addiction and to rebuild your life and health.