Going Out When You Don’t Drink: Sober Friendly Things To Do in Bucks County PA

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Sober Friendly Things to Do in Hollywood Florida

De 10, 2022 | Recovery

Many drug and alcohol addicts are worried about how they’ll handle social situations once they get sober. Will you have any fun? Is there a way to enjoy life sober? (Hint: there always is, especially if you’re in or near Bucks County, PA!) If you haven’t yet been to specialized treatment you might think the only way to have fun is by abusing drugs and alcohol. And that may have been true when you first starting using your substance of choice… but it’s no longer working so well.

If you haven’t been to a recovery center for your substance abuse before, the process depends on your substance addiction. You may need a drug or alcohol detox that’s medically supervised. You might do best at a residential facility, or maybe a partial hospitalization program. After inpatient treatment, or instead of it, you could be enrolled in an outpatient program. Intensive outpatient programs and sober living arrangements are both good places to learn some life skills – and enjoying yourself is definitely one of them!

Sober Friendly Things to Do in Hollywood Florida
Going Out When You Don’t Drink: Sober Friendly Things To Do in Bucks County PA

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Having Fun Without Drinking

Yes, you can have fun sober! Whether you’re planning to go to an inpatient rehab or outpatient program instead – or if you’re currently receiving addiction treatment or recently graduated to sober living – you might be concerned that you’ll never have fun again once you get rid of your crutch of drugs and alcohol. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to have a blast – drugs and alcohol not required.

Do you remember what you liked to do before your substance abuse began? That’s often a good place to start. Since there are so many treatment centers in Hollywood FL and nearby, there are also plenty of places that cater to people who are looking for a sober night out without their drug of choice – or any other drug. If you’ve recently attended one of the area’s many treatment centers, continue your good work and have fun sober.

7 Fun Things to Do in Hollywood Florida Without Drugs or Alcohol

  1. Looking for all kinds of games, from go-kart racing, arcades, rope swings, bowling, laser tag, roller skating, virtual reality games, and maybe some escape room action? You’re looking for Xtreme Action Park at 5300 Powerline Road in Fort Lauderdale. Word to the wise: they do serve alcohol there. Like many of the other items on the list, they’re open every day of the week.
  2. But maybe you want to try your hand at a very different skill… one that is much better when you’re not on drugs or alcohol! Work on your axe throwing and get competitive with your sober friends at Extreme Axe Hollywood, which is located at 2046 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood FL. If you want, you can set up an event with your friends at sober living to rent the venue. It’s great for those with alcohol addiction since they don’t serve any booze. They are also open seven days a week.
  3. Bowlero is another great place to bowl if you’re into knocking over some pins. It’s at 1841 Way Pointe Place in Dania Beach. They do serve alcohol so make sure you’re ready for a great sober night. Any day you feel the itch to bowl, Bowlero is open.
  4. If you’re a big fan of kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding, you might consider FloVibez Adventure Tours at 50 South Bryan Road, Dania Beach. Avoid the “adult” tours and stick with the fun trips they have for the whole family (even if it’s just your family from the treatment center.)
  5. Free of drugs and alcohol and would like to shop for nutritious food and locally made art? Wend your way over to the Yellow Green Farmers Market which operates only on the weekend. Find it at 3080 Sheridan Street in Hollywood.
  6. Another sober fun treat once you’re in an outpatient program (or graduated) is to speed around a professionally designed track in a go-kart. The action is at K1 Speed, 2950 Stirling Rd. in Hollywood.
  7. Now that you’re out of your drug detox and ready to have some fun sober, if you’re into museums you’ll enjoy the Art and Culture Center, with plenty of family-friendly programming. It’s at 1650 Harrison St. in Hollywood.

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