The best place to begin your road to substance abuse recovery is at a facility that provides comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. DayBreak Treatment Solutions specializes in inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs designed to promote lasting addiction recovery. We support clients from Bucks County, Pennsylvania with multiple levels of care and individual therapy to help them wherever they are in their recovery process. With high-quality treatment plans that include residential treatment, medical detox, intensive outpatient treatment, and other DayBreak treatment solutions, we’re committed to helping clients successfully manage their drug addiction and transform their lives for the better.

Alumni Testimonials

Daybreak changed my life. The staff – from the nurses, therapists, managers, and most importantly – the on-site techs, were all extremely helpful in our recovery. Everything you need is available from detox all the way through residential treatment. (I did not participate in any further treatment options). If you or someone you love really wants the help, this is a great place to find it. This is definitely something that you take out what you put in, and if you participate in the groups, the therapy, and take advantage of the help that they willingly offer – you can make change here. Thanks to the Daybreak family, I am 101 days into a powerful new life.

Andre P.

I cannot say enough about this place! Daybreak saved my life! From the minute I walked in the door I was treated with respect, dignity, and a compassion I had never experienced in any of the many other treatment facilities I had been to. What made the difference for me was the staff. The people who worked there truly cared about me and my recovery. There honestly was never a moment that I felt alone and the fact that many of the staff are in recovery themselves meant they truly understood what I was going through at my most vulnerable. Knowing these people were so invested in saving me from myself, were always there if I needed to talk, and that they honestly cared about me and my recovery undoubtedly made all the difference for me. Daybreak also maintains a family atmosphere in such beautiful facilities and makes sure that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met. I’ve never had such an amazing experience in treatment before. If you or a loved one is suffering please PLEASE let Daybreak give you the opportunity to get your life back.

Keri P.

Daybreak has been extremely beneficial in my recovery process. The staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, have shown me repeatedly that they genuinely care about me and all the other clients here. This fact, combined with their knowledge on the recovery process, has benefited me more than any other treatment center in the past. My counselor, Holly, has been especially helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend Daybreak to a friend or anyone struggling with addiction.

Kyle M.


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Best Drug Rehab Center for Bucks County Residents

DayBreak Treatment Solutions is a leading addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania. We can provide treatment and medical assistance for substance abuse disorders and dual diagnosis, which involves underlying mental health disorders. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs is a chronic condition, but with proper treatment, substance use disorders can be managed for life-long recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment for Drug Addiction We Offer

DayBreak features multiple treatment programs to address our clients’ needs. Substance use disorders like heroin addiction or meth addiction are challenging to overcome, but with evidence-based drug abuse and behavioral health treatments, individuals can end their dependence on these powerful and dangerous drugs. At DayBreak, we combine a multitude of treatments and resources that support full and lasting recovery. From drug detox to aftercare planning, our recovery options provide a strong foundation for drug-free living.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Not all drug rehabs in Bucks County offer inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, but DayBreak does. Our clinicians and therapists specialize in addiction medicine; they’ll provide 24-hour support and monitoring during medical detox and inpatient treatment programs. Inpatient therapy is ideal for people just beginning their recovery process. At this point in their recovery, they’re typically less stable and have yet to develop the strategies for managing their triggers for abusing drugs, and these are the same triggers that can lead to relapse. With an inpatient drug rehab in Philadelphia, clients get the full formal support they need to begin their road to addiction recovery.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

DayBreak features outpatient treatment models like partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs at our drug and alcohol rehab. These programs provide a robust level of support, but less so than our residential program. An outpatient plan is ideal for clients who have grown in stability and are capable of returning to their homes and maintaining their recovery plan. During the day or a couple days each week, they’ll attend individual therapy, group sessions, and other DayBreak treatment options associated with their plan to continue their recovery process.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction is a serious and life-threatening condition where the risk of overdose is ever present. The only way to manage a heroin addiction is to abstain from using this drug and others. DayBreak addiction treatments include heroin substance use disorder therapy, including drug detox. We are also able to offer medication management in order to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that accompany the heroin addiction recovery process. With the proper substance abuse treatments, clients can overcome their dependence on heroin and rebuild their lives and health.

Meth Rehab

Like heroin, methamphetamine is highly addicted and associated with extremely high relapse rates. Our rehab facility can provide treatment for people addicted to meth. Although there are many steps to recovery from meth addiction, people do end their dependence on this drug with support from high-quality rehabilitation facilities. During meth rehab, clients can expect to undergo drug detox, which targets their physical dependence, and then addiction treatments that target the psychological and behavioral aspects of the condition. As treatment ends, our medical professionals help clients find 12step programs in Bucks County or address aftercare planning to ensure their recovery stays on track as they transition back to their lives.

Benzo Rehab

Benzodiazepines like Xanax are effective for treating anxiety disorders, but they are highly addictive drugs, and many people abuse them. DayBreak can help people who are addicted to benzos. Our recovery center offers many types of treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy and peer group counseling to help individuals end their reliance on these drugs.

Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs like opioid painkillers can be every bit as dangerous as street drugs–and also as addictive. DayBreak is among many drug rehab centers that offer prescription drug addiction treatment programs, but we take care to individualize therapy to ensure that each client gets the support they need to manage their symptoms, triggers, and recovery.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that continues to be widely abused. Like other addictive drugs, cocaine can lead to the deterioration of both physical and mental health. DayBreak provides a safe and supportive environment staffed by experienced medical professionals who can help people learn how to manage their triggers to abuse drugs like cocaine.

How Long Is Rehab?

DayBreak substance abuse treatment programs typically last for 30 days, but many clients choose to extend their stay to 60 or 90 days if they need the continued support. Medical research has demonstrated that the longer an individual remains in rehab getting drug or alcohol treatment, the less likely they are to suffer a relapse. Because we offer different levels of care, many of our clients prefer to transition from a 30-day inpatient treatment program to an outpatient program as they gradually become better able to manage their addiction and return to their everyday lives.

What Is Rehab Like?

DayBreak features a safe and supportive environment where clients can get the level of support and professional therapy they need to achieve recovery. Our rehabilitation substance use disorder programs are individualized for clients, but we also feature supportive group counseling sessions that remind clients that they’re not alone. Whether enrolled in residential or outpatient therapy at our recovery center, clients can expect empathetic care and experienced guidance throughout their rehab recovery process.

Why Choose DayBreak For Drug Rehab in Bucks County?

Addiction treatment centers are not all alike. For instance, not all of them offer the comprehensive recovery solutions that DayBreak does. We care about our clients and support them with real-world recovery solutions. With our medically sanctioned therapies and individualized treatment programs, clients can put their substance use disorder behind them and successfully rebuild their lives and health.