Making a commitment to get help with substance use disorders that are impacting your life is a big decision.  Outpatient addiction treatment can be an excellent way to address problems with drugs or alcohol.  Outpatient rehab can be an individual’s first step in addiction recovery or it can be integrated into a larger plan developed specifically for you.  At DayBreak we have many levels of care and each treatment plan we create for a client is made to fit their specific needs.  Each person who struggles with addiction walks a different road and based on their experiences their addiction treatment needs will be just as unique. 

If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with drug abuse, drug addiction, or any alcohol related disorder, call us today at our best rehab center in Allentown to discuss all of the types of care we offer, including outpatient alcohol rehab.  We’re here to help.

Alumni Testimonials

Daybreak changed my life. The staff – from the nurses, therapists, managers, and most importantly – the on-site techs, were all extremely helpful in our recovery. Everything you need is available from detox all the way through residential treatment. (I did not participate in any further treatment options). If you or someone you love really wants the help, this is a great place to find it. This is definitely something that you take out what you put in, and if you participate in the groups, the therapy, and take advantage of the help that they willingly offer – you can make change here. Thanks to the Daybreak family, I am 101 days into a powerful new life.

Andre P.

Daybreak has been extremely beneficial in my recovery process. The staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, have shown me repeatedly that they genuinely care about me and all the other clients here. This fact, combined with their knowledge on the recovery process, has benefited me more than any other treatment center in the past. My counselor, Holly, has been especially helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend Daybreak to a friend or anyone struggling with addiction.

Kyle M.

I cannot say enough about this place! Daybreak saved my life! From the minute I walked in the door I was treated with respect, dignity, and a compassion I had never experienced in any of the many other treatment facilities I had been to. What made the difference for me was the staff. The people who worked there truly cared about me and my recovery. There honestly was never a moment that I felt alone and the fact that many of the staff are in recovery themselves meant they truly understood what I was going through at my most vulnerable. Knowing these people were so invested in saving me from myself, were always there if I needed to talk, and that they honestly cared about me and my recovery undoubtedly made all the difference for me. Daybreak also maintains a family atmosphere in such beautiful facilities and makes sure that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met. I’ve never had such an amazing experience in treatment before. If you or a loved one is suffering please PLEASE let Daybreak give you the opportunity to get your life back.

Keri P.


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Alcohol Rehab That Allows You To Still Go To Work and School

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment can be the most flexible type of program a person takes part in to address their issues with substance abuse.  By working with your primary therapist, you can schedule your outpatient rehab sessions around your school and work schedule so that you can continue your responsibilities in either or both of those areas of your life. At DayBreak, within our levels of care, including outpatient treatment, there are a lot of therapy and scheduling options to choose from to ensure your treatment plan is a good fit for you. 

Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Rehabilitation facilities like DayBreak often have many substance abuse treatment options available to their clients.  Within our outpatient rehab programs, there are a lot of behavioral health and other treatment options to choose from depending on your exact needs.  One of the main benefits of outpatient alcohol rehab is that you’ll return home every evening which can take a lot of the stress out of this phase of your alcohol and drug addiction recovery.  You can also take advantage of sober living homes, which provide additional support while you are taking part in an outpatient program. Again, when it comes to outpatient alcohol and drug rehab, flexibility is key and one of the biggest benefits.  There are treatment programs within this level of care with therapy schedules from one day a week right up to every day of the week, depending on each individual person’s treatment needs.

What To Expect During Outpatient Rehab

No matter what type of addiction treatment a person receives at DayBreak, they will always have initial assessments to ensure we are treating them correctly based on their specific addiction, substance of choice, and many factors personal to them.  This includes a full medical history and psychological interview in order to assess where they stand before they begin drug and alcohol treatment.  Many substance abusers ignore their general health when alcohol and drug use impact their lives and making sure we know what they will need in that area is always important. 

Before we start someone in an outpatient addiction program at DayBreak, we also make sure that’s the right treatment environment for them.  We assess our patients for any underlying conditions, including physical, mental, or emotional issues that should be addressed.  Cooccurring mental and substance abuse disorders can sometimes go unnoticed and untreated and we want to make sure we are addressing all of the problems a client is facing. We also need to determine if someone needs alcohol detox and is experiencing any withdrawal symptoms before they begin therapy, too. Detox programs can be included in a patient’s overall treatment plan if needed. Substance use disorders can be complicated issues and we want to make sure we are doing our best to address all of the factors involved so that a patient is getting the best treatment possible.

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Last With DayBreak?

Inpatient treatments typically have a timeframe involved, although they can be flexible based on client needs, too. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and addiction being treated on an outpatient basis is even more flexible.  The underlying idea of a treatment plan in general is to make sure a person is prepared to operate in society on a daily basis without ongoing therapy sessions as opposed to tying a timeframe to a program.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

An Intensive Outpatient Program is a specialized plan within the overall outpatient environment.  Intensive outpatient care can be used in a number of circumstances.  First, after a client completes one of the available inpatient treatments, they may need a slightly higher level of care than is normally provided in outpatient rehab. Second, if someone in outpatient care needs additional sessions, an IOP can be employed.  An IOP is typically structured where a client is in rehab therapy multiple days a week and more than one hour a day.  Programs usually last from eight to 12 weeks and include individual therapy and group sessions.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program)

A Partial Hospitalization Program is similar to an IOP except with a more robust schedule.  Where an IOP session may be scheduled anywhere from two to five days a week, a PHP could be up to seven days a week if necessary. This still allows a person to take care of responsibilities in life and return home each evening. These types of plans help with both the root causes of drug addiction and alcohol abuse and also assist with relapse prevention.

Which Outpatient Treatment, IOP or PHP Is Right for Me?

Substance abuse treatment is a very individual experience and finding the right fit is important. The treatment programs available can also be combined to create a treatment plan that is perfect for the individual person.  As part of our outpatient programs, a lead therapist will work with you to ensure you choose the treatment that is right for you.

Why Choose DayBreak

Addiction treatment can be an important step for a person trying to make a positive change in their life.  At DayBreak we have inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, and specialized treatment plans so that we can help the most people possible begin their addiction recovery.  Call us today to hear more about our treatment options for drugs and alcohol.