State Funded Rehabs vs Private Rehabs: Pros and Cons

September 14, 2022 | addiction treatment

State Funded Rehabs vs Private Rehabs

Deciding to get drug and alcohol abuse treatment is a huge step in the right direction. Addiction and behavioral health treatment costs are pricing depending on the treatment facility you go to. Public rehab options are also available for those with more limited resources but may not offer as many types of therapies as private rehab centers. However, it is still important for individuals to be aware of all their treatment options before choosing a rehab program.

What is a StateFunded Rehab?

State funded rehab programs provide substance abuse treatment to people who may not be able to pay for treatment otherwise. Public rehab centers are funded by the state and can provide all levels of care, often for free, including drug and alcohol detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medication assisted treatment, and aftercare programs. Funding per individual at a state funded rehab is limited and the person must qualify for treatment, which can limit types of treatment. Some critical components of addiction treatment including program length, client to staff ratio, and types of treatment and therapies could be compromised.

What is a Private Rehab?

A private rehab center is owned by an individual. Private rehab centers do have to comply with state guidelines on how to operate a treatment facility to keep their doors open. The costs of treatment at a private rehab can be high, however health insurance plans cover rehab and often pay for part or all of drug or alcohol addiction treatment costs. Private facilities often have more available treatment beds and offer more types of therapies compared to state funded rehab. Each private treatment center will provide different treatment approaches and psychotherapies.

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Comparing State Funded and Private Rehabs

It is important for you to look at the pros and cons of both private facilities and public rehab centers to make an informed decision about your substance abuse rehab choice. Here we will compare the two:

Public rehab centers are often free or very low cost.

Private rehab can be very costly and may not be an option for those with limited resources who do not have health insurance to pay for treatment. Even outpatient treatment can have high treatment costs.

You may be on a waiting list for state funded rehab.

Because public rehab centers are low to no cost, there is usually a high demand for services and you may have to wait for substance abuse treatment. Alcohol and drug addiction can get much worse very quickly and waiting longer to get drug or alcohol abuse treatment help can make recovery more difficult.

Public treatment facilities often have limited types of treatment.

Rehab centers programs in public facilities are often cookie cutter and generic with not many options to customize drug or alcohol abuse treatment. Drug abuse and addiction looks different in each person and often requires personalized care in order for long term recovery to be successful, which private substance abuse treatment centers can offer.

Private treatment centers offer a better guest experience.

Private pay rehab centers, such as luxury rehabs, will often put more care into guest experience and amenities, such as nutritious and enjoyable meals, comfortable inpatient treatment private or semi-private rooms, more recreational options, and nicely kept facility grounds.

Private facilities will provide more drug abuse and addiction treatment options.

Self-pay drug and alcohol rehab programs will have more types of therapies and treatments such as dual diagnosis for co occurring disorders, personalized treatment programs, medication assisted treatment, several behavioral health treatments, and even holistic treatments like acupuncture, massage, and yoga, especially in luxury rehabs.

DayBreak Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Ultimately, the most important thing you or your loved ones can do is get substance abuse treatment help, whether that is a private or public treatment provider. At DayBreak Treatment Solutions, we offer personalized treatment programs and accept several insurance plans which can pay for treatment. We are able to customize your treatment program, including dual diagnosis treatment, based on your drug abuse and addiction, personal, and financial needs.

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