What is the First Step to Treating a Drug Abuse Problem?

September 13, 2022 | addiction treatment

Treating a Drug Abuse Problem

When Drugs Become a Problem

Drugs and alcohol addictions have a funny way of sneaking up on you. If the whole thing started as a bit of fun, you end up in a living nightmare. Using drugs to cope with outside stressors, or “keep it together”, is asking for trouble. It doesn’t take long before those triggers are calling all the shots. But the hardest part of recognizing things have gone too far is recognizing things have gone too far. Stop a moment and really listen to yourself. If all you hear is a string of excuses and justifications for everything that’s going wrong in your life, it’s likely you have a problem.  Friends and family don’t usually distance themselves without good reason. As for your boss or professor, they’re probably too busy living their own lives to spend any free time plotting how to make you late for the fifth time this week.

Steps to Treating Drug Abuse and Addiction

  1. Detox
    The first thing you want to do is get all the drugs and alcohol out of your system. It won’t be pleasant, but more importantly, it can be dangerous. A licensed detox program ensures your process is overseen by medical professionals.
  1. Rehab 
    This is where the magic happens. You’ll dive deep into your own history and uncover the trauma(s) pushing you towards perpetual oblivion. Then you’ll learn the fundamentals of self-responsibility, compassion, humility, and acceptance, all the while building out your own set of healthy coping skills.
  1. Recovery 
    You’re finally ready to get back out there and live the life you’ve always wanted. Maintaining your recovery with some form of aftercare is a crucial piece of your program. Stay on top of it and the risk of relapse drops significantly.

Drug Rehab: Taking The First Step To Treat Your Addiction

The time between realizing you need help and actually getting it is often filled with uncertainty. Who can you talk to? Are they going to judge you? Will they think you’re weak? Are you weak? When you choose DayBreak, our addiction specialists understand exactly what you’re going through, and they’re ready to answer your questions about our treatment programs.

Make that call. The intake process gives us a complete picture of what you want to achieve during the treatment program and your goals in long-term recovery. This information then goes to your care team for use in developing a customized treatment plan. Simple.

Call Daybreak Treatment Solutions today at (844) 695-0083 for help in overcoming your addiction.

Types of Drug Rehab Programs

Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, as well as your personal circumstances, your personal care team will recommend at least one of the following programs:

  • Detox – Lasting anywhere from 3 to 10 days, our detox programs target the specific drugs in your history, and are medically supervised from start to finish. Medication helps with any withdrawal symptoms so that you can focus all your energy on healing.
  • Inpatient – Highly recommended for severe cases or patients with a dual diagnosis mental disorder or medical condition. This is a residential plan that provides a structured approach to your time in our treatment center. Individual, family, and group therapy sessions are complemented by a healthy diet and plenty of opportunities for recreational or physical activities.
  • Outpatient – The same levels of care found in our Inpatient program, but with the flexibility to return home or stay in one of our recovery homes each night. Initially, you will come into the treatment center on weekdays, but can drop down to three days, depending on your progress.
  • PHP – Partial Hospitalization Programs give you the benefit of a structured inpatient program with the independence of being on an outpatient program.

Drug Addiction Treatment at DayBreak

Letting go of addiction is not the easy choice, but it is the best decision you’ll ever make. The recovery programs available at DayBreak Treatment Solutions in Bucks County, Pennsylvania are customized to focus on your needs as a whole person, not just your issues with substance abuse. We offer hope that tomorrow will be different. If you or a loved one is struggling with a dual diagnosis for addiction and mental illness, call us at

The recovery programs at Daybreak Treatment Solutions in Bucks County, Pennsylvania offer relief from your substance use disorders. Let one of our addiction specialists answer all your questions and show you it works. Join us at DayBreak, where you or your loved ones never have to use again. Get in touch with us today at (844) 695-0083 and speak with one of our addiction professionals. We’ll be waiting for you at DayBreak.