Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me in Trenton

September 20, 2022 | alcohol

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs in Trenton

Top Rated Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Near Me in Trenton

When you choose DayBreak over other drug rehabs and treatment centers near Trenton New Jersey, you are choosing the top-rated alcohol and drug detox and addictions treatment center. We provide the full continuum of care in our integrated treatment plans that can be customized to your needs as an individual. Our team of competent, experienced, and accredited caregivers will provide you with all the support, medical care, therapy, mental health treatments, and holistic methods you need to remain comfortable and overcome addiction through detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab for drugs and alcohol.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

When you are exploring your options for outpatient alcohol addiction treatment plans, you may want to look for a treatment center that:

  • Is accredited by the Joint Commission, with licensed and well-educated, experienced staff
  • Has a detox program that includes medical detox and 24-hour monitoring, to ensure you are safe and comfortable
  • Offers the full continuum of care to ensure you can easily transition into the next level of care without needing to change locations, get to know new doctors and therapists, fill out more paperwork, deal with insurance again, etc.
  • Has an integrated treatment program that provides treatments that heal not only the body, but also focus on mental health and spiritual wellness, treating you as a whole person, not simply an addiction that needs solving
Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me in Trenton

At DayBreak centers near Trenton, we provide a mix of treatments combined into one comprehensive program that heals the body, mind, and spirit through comprehensive treatment plans that provide:

  • Dual diagnosis for those who have co-occurring mental health issues
  • Expert therapists, doctors, counselors, psychologists, and holistic treatment providers who are highly qualified and competent
  • A high standard with strict regulations when it comes to patients’ rights and infection control, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your substance abuse treatment
  • Staff that is trauma-informed, providing caring and non-judgmental support to all patients
  • A variety of addiction therapy and behavioral therapy options including dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic treatments
  • Continuing care after substance abuse treatment is complete

How Much Time Do You Spend in Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

At DayBreak we have three levels of care for outpatient treatment available:

Intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP)

In your intensive outpatient programming, you will life outside of the recovery center and spend anywhere from 30 to 45 days in treatment, with therapy sessions, doctor’s appointments, psychologist appointments, counseling, employment support, drug testing, and 12-step program facilitation. Treatments take place around work/school in the evenings or mornings, or on weekends so you can begin to return to your normal life while still receiving strong support.

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)

The partial hospitalization plan is usually 31 to 34 days in length and is used as a transition between inpatient detox programs and/or inpatient rehab (residential treatment) and an intensive outpatient drug or alcohol treatment plan. You live outside of the drug rehab center but come in for full days (8:30am to 3:00pm) 6 days a week for therapy, holistic care, doctors’ appointments, dual diagnosis treatments and other care.

Outpatient programs for aftercare purposes

After your outpatient substance abuse plan is complete, we do not kick you out and leave you on your own. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse treatments are provided for as long as you want, with no end date. You are in control during our outpatient plan, meaning you decide how often you want to see a therapist, get counseling, and access our other support options.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Me in Trenton

DayBreak Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Near Trenton

At DayBreak, we will help you achieve long-term success in your recovery journey throughout your outpatient drug or alcohol program, in which you can stay living at home with loved ones or move into a sober home, and come in for a set number of hours per week for evidence-based treatments and alternative therapies including:

  • Medical detox and medication-assisted treatment
  • Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy
  • Behavioral health therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • EMDR and other trauma-focused therapies
  • Didactic therapy and psychoeducational therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Integration into SMART recovery and 12-Step groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous etc)
  • Massage therapy, yoga, mindfulness, nutritional and exercise programs
  • Counseling, life coaching, and career support programs

Whether you want inpatient treatment or are looking for outpatient rehab near Trenton NJ, at DayBreak we can help you find an alcohol and drug addictions treatment program that will work for your unique needs. For treatment help call our team today at (844) 695-0083. We are here to help you.