Celebrities Substance Abuse & Addiction

June 27, 2022 | addiction treatment

Celebrities Substance Abuse & Addiction

There have been many, many stories regarding the drug and alcohol addictions of famous people here in the U.S. and around the world.  Due to the explosion of social media over the past two decades, people like Keith Urban, Drew Barrymore, Edie Falco, and others have had their struggles with substance abuse and addictions on display for all to see.  Here’s a closer look at why and how struggles with substance abuse affect celebrities. 

Why do actors take drugs?

Famous actors and musicians such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley have had struggles with substance abuse, sadly, in too many cases, leading to their deaths.  Actors get involved with alcohol and drug abuse due to a few factors.  Celebrities who have struggled with substance use disorders tend to have easy access to drugs and alcohol and using them as an outlet for stress often occurs. 

Why do so many celebrities become addicted to drugs?

The stress people like Matthew Perry, Russell Brand, and Marykate Olsen are under to always be at their best is unlike the pressures of other fields.  Drugs and alcohol can seem like a simple way to relieve that constant demand. Struggles with substance abuse leading to addiction are common stories the public hears about celebrities often without knowing the whole backstory of what they might be dealing with in their lives. 

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Why do celebrities get involved with drugs and alcohol?

Alcohol and drug abuse occurs more as people gain fame, fortune, and power.  Feelings of invincibility can lead to substance use disorders. Also, thoughts that a person can handle anything in their life, including mental health disorders and drug or alcohol use, grows as the professional accolades pile up.  “Fame went to their head,” is a common phrase when celebrity substance abuse is mentioned, and it does have some truth to it at its core. The personality traits found in famous people who make it big in show business can also be the same personality traits that often are leading to addiction.

What least-likely celebrities were former addicts?

Bradley Cooper is one of the more surprising stories about a celebrity struggling with addiction, as he struggled with drug use before his career took off in earnest. Selma Blair is another one of the many celebrities who have struggled with addiction and recovery and have told their story about struggles with alcohol.  The surprising note about Selma Blair and alcohol abuse is that her issues started at a very young age when she was 7 years old. 

How do celebrities get treated in rehab?

There are many luxury addiction and recovery treatment centers across the country that both celebrities and people from all walks of life can take advantage of to address their problems with alcohol and drug abuse.  However, the Betty Ford Clinic, which is a very popular drug or alcohol addiction and recovery treatment center, is actually very strict and celebrities are treated like everyone else, doing all the chores and tasks as any other client. 

What actor had their career ruined by drugs?

Lindsey Lohan is probably one of the most well-known cases of celebrity drug and alcohol addictions who have ruined their career due to drug or alcohol abuse and not returned to the limelight.  A potentially high profile singing and acting career went by the wayside. 

How do the media and celebrities influence youths to do drugs?

What is sometimes referred to as the, “Rock and Roll,” lifestyle, the glitz and glamor of how celebrities live, party, use drugs and alcohol, and otherwise don’t play by the rules is certainly influential on youths. That’s why trauma and addiction education is so important.

What famous people went to rehab?

On the flip side of the many sad stories regarding celebrity drug or alcohol abuse there is Robert Downey, Jr., who struggled with drug abuse and addiction for years.  After Downey Jr sought treatment through various treatment programs, he revived his career and reached new heights over the past decade. 

Famous or not, there are a lot of drug or alcohol abuse treatment programs available.  If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or drug abuse, please give us a call at DayBreak at (844) 695-0083.  We’re here to help.