4 Ways To Sober Up After Heavy Drinking

August 24, 2022 | addiction treatment , alcohol

Ways To Sober Up After Heavy Drinking

Many people who drink in moderation have what they consider their own little secret about how to sober up after heavy drinking.  Some eat particular foods after drinking, some drink a lot of water before or afterwards, and some have a more complicated ritual they perform after consuming alcohol. Some of the things people do after drinking alcohol have some science behind them and others probably just make them think they’re taking some sort of action and it helps with the mental realization that they’ve been binge drinking. 

Additionally, there are things you can do before drinking to help with how things will go afterwards, and it’s good to remember that due to genetics, men and women, as well as particular individuals will be more or less affected by the same amount of alcohol.

Regardless of addressing the effects of alcohol after a night of too many alcoholic drinks, if you think you have alcohol use disorder and would like to discuss treatment options, call us today.  At DayBreak we can help with many types of alcohol and drug addiction treatments.  Contact us and speak to one of our substance abuse counselors for additional information. 

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What Is The Best Way To Get Sober After Drinking?

There are many ways to feel more sober after drinking, but the true way to lower your blood alcohol level is to give it time, get plenty of rest, and do one of the long-time tried and true remedies, sleep it off.  There are a lot of common myths when it comes to how to sober up quickly, however these are more about how to limit the effects of alcohol as opposed to truly getting rid of alcohol in your system.  So here are five ways to appear more sober, and possibly have your wits about you to slightly higher degree, while you wait for your blood alcohol level to decrease:

  1. Drink Coffee: Just like on Monday morning before work, if you drink coffee you will feel more aware. Coffee does not change the blood alcohol concentration in your body no matter how much more peppier you feel. 
  1. Take a Cold Shower: Again, a cold shower will make anyone feel more alert, no matter whether they’ve had 10 alcoholic drinks or none.  It will not change the amount of alcohol in their body.
  1. Eating and Drinking (Water): There is some science behind eating and drinking plenty of water with regards to consuming alcohol.  Eating before and while you are drinking alcohol will slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream which is how you become intoxicated.  Drinking plenty of water helps with the dehydrating effects of alcohol and assists with flushing toxins from your system. 
  1. Charcoal Capsules: One tactic that comes out of the health and wellness sector is to take charcoal capsules before drinking, as they are reported to help with sobering up.  There is no empirical data on this holistic treatment method of how to get rid of alcohol in your bloodstream. 

How To Avoid Getting Intoxicated

There are a few tips, in some instances tied into what has been said above, regarding how to avoid alcohol intoxication:

  1. Count Your Drinks: Standard drinks are a regular glass of wine, one 12 ounce beer (and not a triple IPA), or one shot of hard alcohol. This helps you drink in moderation. 
  1. Drink a Lot of Water: Having a glass of water between drinks can help with the dehydrating effect of alcohol and also help you drink less as you fill up.
  1. Do Not Mix Drinks: Having more than one glass or wine or multiple beers over time can be ok, but when you mix alcohols your BAC levels increase, which will add to your intoxication level quickly. 

Signs of Alcoholism

People can often assess for themselves that they have a drinking problem but may not realize the severity of their alcohol use disorder.  Here are some symptoms to look for in a friend or loved one:

  1. Displaying a strong need or urge to drink alcohol 
  1. Those with alcohol use disorder may have problems controlling their drinking (can’t stop)
  1. Continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems
  1. Experience withdrawal symptoms when they rapidly decrease or stop drinking

Alcohol Rehab at DayBreak Treatment Solutions

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