Are You An Alcoholic?

It can be difficult to recognize the signs of alcoholism, even though it can have negative effects on your health and relationships. If you’re unsure whether you or a loved one’s drinking habits have become a problem, call now to learn more about the indicators of problematic alcohol use and determine if it’s necessary to seek treatment.

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What Does It Mean To Have An Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcoholism is a chronic problem where individuals exhibit behaviors of excessive alcohol consumption that hinder their daily life. The level of alcohol use can vary, ranging from mild to severe addiction, and can have negative effects on a person’s mental and physical well-being, work or education, and relationships.

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Can Alcohol Use Disorder Be Cured?

While there is no cure for alcoholism, seeking professional treatment can assist in managing the underlying causes of alcohol use and maintaining sobriety. It is recommended to seek treatment as soon as possible for a higher chance of successful recovery. Contact us at (844) 307-6452 to complete an alcohol use disorder assessment and begin your journey towards recovery. We are available to support you whenever you are ready.

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