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Offering a high-end detox center near you is something that Daybreak takes pleasure in. Certainly we want to assist you in becoming a new, sober, individual. In fact families can mend! After all change is possible and life can be worthwhile with the right support. Ultimately the luxury of DayBreak Treatment Solutions is nothing less than unique and is truly something one should experience for themselves. 

  • Fully Equipped Exercise Gym
  • Indoor Pool
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Delicious, Healthy Meals
  • Plush Beds in updated rooms
  • Smoking Privileges
Addiction Treatment Program


To start our recovery professionals are available helping guide you towards recovery, whether its to locate a detox near you or attending a support group, we are here to help.


Surely overcoming addiction dependence can make a person emotionally and mentally vulnerable, increasing the likelihood of relapse. Specifically to conquer addiction and reintegrate into daily life, feeling secure at a treatment center is paramount. Certainly concentrating on pivotal aspects of recovery becomes easier when you feel safe

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To clarify we are experts in treating adults dealing with addiction and associated mental health difficulties with high-quality detox center. Specifically our cutting-edge facility provides a variety of programs to assist our clients in starting their sober journey. In fact, our program provides thorough therapy to help everyone overcome addiction while addressing co-occurring mental health issues. Because the most recent and effective treatments are offered at our facility.

  • 1:1 Medical Support
  • 1:1 Therapy
  • An entire team of trained specialists, from interventionists, to skilled & spirited group therapy facilitators.
  • Round-the-clock care, every day of the year.
  • The most appropriate therapist for your particular case. We take pride in your personalized treatment plans, and match you with a professional best suited to help you with your addiction.

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